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When it comes to pricing and selling your business, there are primarily two variables that drive the pricing (Valuation):

1)  The owner's discretionary earnings (or cashflow that the business creates), and

2)  a multiple (that is applied to those earnings)

Utilizing the Value Builders Program we increase the "sellability" (or attractiveness) of your business by increasing BOTH the Cashflow AND the multiple.    When it comes time sell, this has a dramatic effect on the amount you can receive for your business.

In fact, on average, businesses that score an 80 or above on the Sellability Score sell for 71% more than businesses that do not.

As Certified Value Builder Coaches, Column B Acquisition helps you determine the current value, or "sellability" of your business, as well as identify "areas of opportunity" to help position your business more attractively in the eyes of potential buyers, therefor selling faster and for a higher amount when the time comes.

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