The Column B Advantage

Our advantage becomes YOUR advantage when selling your business!

The Column B People

More than anything, our Column B Advantage is our people.   Our folks are excited to be in the business of selling businesses, and passionate about bringing value not just to your business, but to YOU personally.

We wake up excited about the businesses and people we are working with and for.   This isn't just a job to us, it's a lot of fun, and something that each of us are extremely passionate about!

Column B Quality Cap

Unlike other brokerages, Column B places a "cap" on how many businesses each of our brokers are permitted to sell at any given time.  Our limit is 6 (six) businesses per broker.

Our brokers have to focus on quality, sellable businesses that we are confident we can sell, within a reasonable time-frame.    Our clients benefit because their broker, and our company, is engaged, committed, and passionate about YOUR business and our ability to get you results.  While many other brokers and brokerages focus on “getting as many listings as possible,” we are 100% committed to selling your quality business – or we simply won’t take it on.

Our Column B Process:

The process of selling a business can be a little daunting for any business owner, largely because it's something most owners only ever do once!

Our proprietary process breaks this down into 3 phases, and 12 easy-to-understand steps. This process focuses solely on you, your business value, and your ultimate selling goals.  We communicate with you throughout the entire process to make sure you are informed, and to advise you on our milestones as they are reached.  You focus on building value into your business right up until the time we get it sold at optimal value.

Column B Transparency & Policy:

We have a clear and concise co-brokering and referral policy to work both internally and externally with any other brokers, provided they are in good standing with the IBBA and other leading Associations.   This is an important benefit to our clients when it comes to finding a potential buyer for their businesses.

In this industry buyers can often come to sellers through other brokers, and sometimes this can create issues should a selling broker not want to “share” fees.    At Column B, our brokers must comply with our trend-setting and transparent policies, that are always based on the best outcomes for our clients, and they will always act on your behalf to transparently share our co-brokering / referral policies with any competing brokers.

Our goal is ALWAYS to sell your business to the best buyer possible on the terms that YOU establish early on in our process – regardless of how it might impact fees or commissions.

Value Builder System & Guarantee:

Column B utilizes a proven tool and process called Value Builder System™ , and we are Alberta's only Brokerage with trained and Certified Value Builders on our staff.

While this program is entirely optional to you, it provides a standardized “scoring system” by which we can measure and compare any company, revealing characteristics that can impact its “sellability", and also provides for an additional perspective on your company's value.

After providing you with your initial score, we can then coach you on tried and tested methods to enhance your value prior to selling.   In most cases, we are so convinced of this System, we’ll guarantee your investment, should you choose to use it.   Getting your initial score can be done in under an hour, costs you nothing and is provided without obligation.    Click here to see how "sellable" your business is today!

Our Column B Fee Program:

Where other firms may charge up-front fees (and/or monthly retainers), we are confident in our people, our processes and most importantly, the businesses we choose to be selling.   If we’re representing you, we’ll sell your business.    You pay us only after our work is done, and your business is sold!

As such we are also committed to selling your business at the highest value possible, and over the shortest period of time.    We believe your cost-structure should be aligned with the outcomes you want.   With that in mind, we work on a declining commission percentage; meaning, the longer your business is on the market, the lower the fee we will receive.

Column B Celebrations!

This is why we do what we do! Frankly, OUR best days are our CLIENTS’ best days! We strongly encourage (if not insist) that we celebrate right along side you.

Once your business is sold, it should be a great occasion, and a chance to celebrate your transition into “whatever is next” for you.  Leave this part completely to us – and believe us when we say, “we know how to make sure our clients achievements are celebrated!”

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