Our Unique Sales Guarantee

Committed to Your Value; Committed to Your Sale

Simple: we are committed to selling your business. Our quality over quantity approach requires that for us, and ensures that for you:

  • We will not market your business until it’s ready to be sold at the its highest value
  • We only work with businesses we are passionate about, engaged in, and excited about selling
  • Your business has our focus and dedication to quickly sell at the highest value it should be sold at

With this commitment top of mind, we guarantee that your business will sell within a 12-month period from the time it’s placed on the market.

If it is not sold within this time, our brokerage will reduce our fee structure.    Contact us directly to find out how this unique program works to the benefit of our clients exclusively.

Work with a brokerage that believes in, and can sell your value.   Contact Column B today to learn more!

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