The Column B Team

Before anything else, Column B is About People Helping People realize their dreams!

Don Montgomery

President and Business Broker

“It may be cliché, but for my entire career 'the customer experience' has been my very personal passion, and the one thing that consistently differentiates one company from another".

This one statement sums up Don Montgomery’s driving force in building Column B Acquisitions; the belief that by providing a great client experience, he has the opportunity to change people’s lives and differentiate from everyone else in the industry.

Prior to starting Column B, he built his 25-year career around enriching the customer experience, specifically as a manager, then President of Pentax Medical (Canada).   Here, he was able to have direct impact in the business by growing it from 4% to 40% market share. He attributes this to adding value in the sales and operational sides of the business, along with his ability to build great teams with some of the best people in the industry.

In fact, it is his unique talent for identifying and retaining the best people (those who have the vision for excellence in the client experience), which is guiding Column B Acquisitions to stand apart.   While he is committed to each of the clients that Column B has, he is just as committed to finding, retaining, and developing the best people in the business brokerage industry for the benefit of all Column B clients.

Complementing this talent for finding the best people, what clients have noticed is Don’s talent to directly impact their businesses through his ability to connect with customers, listening to, gaining insight, and then delivering results for their individual needs.  This gift for listening to and understanding his clients allows him to access creative ideas about how to increase their value.

To further support the Column B client experience and resources, Don is an active member with:

In addition, he is a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) through IBBA, and Certified Value Builder with the Value Builder System™, building his knowledge of the business broker industry for the betterment of his clients.

Of course, when he’s not working on the vision and strategy of Column B and his clients’ businesses, he can be found hanging out with his kids, playing the odd game of golf, or whispering winning words to his partner’s horse as she participates at provincial and national equestrian events.

Rob Julien

Business Broker

Rob Julien approaches all business with an attitude of, “if you’re not having fun, then why are you doing it?”

Of course selling someone’s business is serious business, but it can be extremely enjoyable and satisfying to help others divest and realize the fruits of their labour.

This attitude translates to all of his relationships at Column B. Having built two of his own businesses – one being an online school, the other a bricks and mortar school which he sold in the spring of 2014 – Rob understands the dedication, personal involvement, and strategy required to grow a successful business.

Here, he began his connection with business sales, recognizing the emotions behind the sale, the process of the sale, and the importance of maximizing the value of a business for a profitable sale.

In addition, Rob brings a unique passion for business development to the Column B team. Having developed organizations around the world – a successful rugby organization in Korea for instance – he understands how successful businesses are structured, along with how to restructure a business to increase its value not just in the short term, but for the long haul as well.

He gets excited about helping business owners increase their “sellability” through strategy and development, along with demonstrating the measurable ROI when strategies are implemented.

It’s his enthusiasm to which people connect with Rob most. An uncanny ability to lead, motivate, and inspire, Rob is able to create, build, and successfully implement a vision of success for businesses he works with.

This same strategy and vision translate to Rob outside of Column B. He is continually investing in himself to further his education, skills, and experience in the growing field of business brokering.

However, it’s not all about business for Rob. Remember, he is committed to having fun! As an avid rugby player, Rob spends large part of his time playing with the Calgary Rugby Union, Division 2 for Cochrane. When winter arrives, he will once again be found on a mountainside!

Amanda Schewaga

Marketing Strategist

As Column B Acquisitions’ Marketing Strategist, Amanda Schewaga brings a unique background in brand management, event planning, web development, online marketing, and social media.

Combining her marketing creativity and innovative ideas with strategy to deliver results, she has a talent that lets us connect and engage with clients in a way that represents who we are at our core: individuals who want to help connect business sellers with the right business buyers.

In addition, Amanda is the Owner of The Marketing Girl, working as an entrepreneur and marketing consultant with an array of diverse clients for the past four years.

Here, Amanda gains an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of running a business; how to market for a variety of clients, the struggles, along with the joys of being an entrepreneur; along with how to persevere through and add value to a business in any economic climate.

Using her analytical mind and positive personality, she thrives in the fast-paced nature of business, seeing challenges as opportunities to grow, connect, and build a network. Always looking to provide exceptional results for our brand – both through our online connections and offline interactions – Amanda understands how to engage with Column B’s clients, engaging them in conversations about business sales, business value, and business strategies. After all, marketing should be a substantial part of your overall business strategy.

With a long list of successfully developed, launched, and executed lucrative marketing initiatives, Amanda complements the Column B team by understanding an often overlooked side of business value: marketing. Having previously worked with small to large companies in a variety of industries including professional development, technology, software development, R&D, oil and gas, real estate, and non-profit, she recognizes how to enhance Column B’s voice in the marketplace, letting us speak to the types of quality clients we love helping.

Just as marketing keeps her mind active, she loves remaining active in all areas of her life, including hiking, social sports, speaking on new marketing and branding platforms, and running after her one year old son!

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