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Providing Brokerage Services for Exceptional Businesses

From selling to buying and everything in between, Column B Acquisitions offers a wide array of business brokerage services to enhance your goals, your value, and your life.  Whether Buying or Selling, we can likely help:

Business Sales

Whether you are interested in selling your business, or looking to buy a valuable business, Column B can help guide you through the process.

When selling a business, we guide you through an in-depth proprietary process, designed to ensure that your business sells for its maximum value and as quickly as possible.

If looking to buy, we help to understand your goals in obtaining a business, whether as a merger or acquisition.  From there, we act on your behalf to obtain the best value for your investment.

We help to coordinate the due diligence requirements between you and the seller, as well as make sure that you are comfortable with the business that you are about to purchase.

To learn more about how Column B can assist you on your purchase, contact us today!

Business Valuations

In the simplest terms, a Business Valuation is the unbiased appraisal of the value of a business.

Typically, a valuation is completed when you, as a business owner, are looking to assess the full value of your business in order to sell it, or to consider next steps in enhancing it's value.  The valuation provides a starting point (a monetary value) on the business itself, as well as potentially showing areas for growth, improvement, and strengths in order to grow the value of the company.

For an initial no obligation, no cost Valuation by Column B, feel free to give us a call or click here to send us a message.

Business Value-Building and Coaching

As a Certified Value Builder™, Column B Acquisitions utilizes the proven Value Builder System™ to help you enhance the value of your business.

After an initial (no obligation) assessment of your business’ current value, we work with you to identify areas of growth, and then (at your option) work along side you to realize that growth.

Through proven and effective tools and strategies, you will be able to enhance the value of your business for a potential sale in the future.  To learn more about the Value Builder System™ and our process, visit our Value Builder page!

Succession Planning & Exit Strategies

Do you know what will happen to your business when you want to step away from it? Don’t let your business keep you from moving forward with your life and goals...   Better yet, position your business to help you realize your goals!

At Column B, we can help you figure out how to set up your business for long-term success, even after you leave.   Whether this be transferring the business to your children, or finding a suitable buyer in advance of you even wanting to leave, we can help you figure out your options and what works best for your business success!

There are a few things we know for sure...   One of them is that at some point you will have to exit your business.    The real question is "How can you prepare now to exit on your own terms?"   The key is thoughtful planning and meticulous execution.    With these, we can help!

Acquisition Financing

To ensure that you purchase the business that aligns with your goals, Column B can provide options on how to obtain the capital necessary for the purchase.

Assessing the options that work best for you, we are here to help ensure that you understand the pros and cons of financing, such as a line of credit or a traditional loan.

Learn how we can help you in finding the financing that works with you! No matter what your needs are, you deserve to work with an expert partner, someone to guide you through the nitty gritty details, while keeping you comfortable every step of the way.

Let Column B be your partner. Contact us to discuss your business value needs today!

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