Who is 'Column B'?

A different kind of Business Brokerage, focused on delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Why fade into column A, when you can stand out in Column B?

People often ask us "what do we mean by Column B?"  The best way to answer that is to ask you to think of a list of companies.  Go ahead... imagine a list.  Can you see it in your head?  Imagine writing down that same list of companies.  You would likely list them one after the other, and you would likely write them (we presume) down the left hand side of that sheet.  And if it was a spreadsheet, they would all be listed in 'Column A'.

We would then point out that we wouldn't want to fit under that list of companies.   Not that there is anything wrong with that list, but because we think we're a different kind of company!   And, we'd rather stand alone in 'Column B'!    As a "Column B" company - we're different from all those companies, and we work hard every day to be (and stay) different!